Shake the Dust + Yoga Nidra - Tis 3:e jan 18:00 - 19:30

Pris: 299kr
Kvitto: Mailas ut som pdf strax efter genomfört köp
Datum: Tisdag 3:e januari
Tid: 18:00 - 19:30 (90 min)
Studion i Tallkrogen, Stockholm
Lärare: Matilda Hedman
Språk: Engelska

Bra att veta:

På studion ingår lån av yogamatta, bolster, block och filt.

Let go of what you might be hindered by!

To start the New Year fresh we invite you to Shake the Dust – an explosive and fun class where we build resilience through a mix of yoga, philosophy, meditation and fitness. It's like HIIT but deep! We start slow allowing time to arrive into our bodies before we explore further. After an intense journey we slow down and end together in a calming and relaxing yoga nidra. Let go of what you no longer need to embrace 2023 with open arms and heart!

About Shake the Dust:
Shake the Dust is a transformative and embodied practice of movement and ancient tantric philosophy. We journey through a guided poetic universe while shaking, jumping, dancing and repeating movements mixed with rest, release and free movement. Inspired by yoga, pilates, somatics and body weight training we move to a kick ass curated playlist. This practice is designed for anyone but especially for yogis and will at best deliver a cathartic release, a great workout, SWEAT and a strong, resilient body.

This class is taught by Matilda Hedman who is an experienced yoga and embodied movement facilitator. Her classes are both smooth and strong, leaving space for your own intuitive guidance and self-healing.








Ibland händer det som inte får hända - och kanske just inför det efterlängtade evenemanget.

Vår avbeställningsförsäkring är en frivillig försäkring som kan köpas i samband med denna bokning.

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